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Thanks for listening to the podcasts! Now let's save you some money! Whether you're looking to buy a home, sell your home, save money on your current home, or get out debt faster -- you're in the right place! You don't need perfect credit or money out of your pocket to find out how much money you can save for FREE! Get started in just a few clicks with our Quick Quote form!



Whether you are a first time home buyer or purchasing your dream home, The Save With Conrad Team at Nations Lending Team will help you find the right financing solutions to meet your needs.


Give us a call or simply fill out any of the forms on our website and one of our experienced mortgage lenders will be in touch right away!


Mortgage Rates can change on a daily basis. Due to these fluctuations timing is everything. Our team specializes in understanding market trends. We help homeowners determine the right time to purchase or to refinance.


Call us or fill out any of the 30 second forms on our website to connect with one of our experienced mortgage specialist today!


We can help you lower your interest rate, lower your monthly payment, or take cash out. The Save With Conrad Team at Nations Lending team is here to help you with all of your mortgage refinancing needs.


Simply fill out any of the forms on our website or give us a call so we can show you the best refinancing options for your unique scenario.

We make saving money Fast & Easy! Get a Quick Quote in just a few clicks!

We Offer Several Different Loan Programs To Meet Your Needs.

A smart buyer is an informed buyer.
Take the time to learn more about the types of loans we provide by selecting one of the links on the right.

FHA Loans

FHA loans are a popular choice among first time homebuyers given their low down payment requirements and ease of qualification. Learn more about how you can qualify for an FHA loan.

VA Loans

Veterans, active military, and their families can take advantage of a VA loan to purchase a home with no money down, great interest rates, and no private mortgage insurance. Learn more today!

Home Purchase Loans

Whether you are interested in a Conventional Loan, FHA Loan, VA loan or other similar financing option, our team of experts will help you find the solution that works best for your needs.

Home Refinance Loans

Learn more about how refinancing your mortgage can help you save money over the life of your loan by lowering your interest rate or reducing loan terms.

Conventional Loans

Great rates and buyer flexibility make conventional loans the most popular mortgages on the market today. Find out how you can qualify today!

Jumbo Home Loans

Jumbo loans can be the perfect option if you are looking for a home loan that exceeds the limits placed on government backed options such as FHA loans. Learn more about our Jumbo loan options.

Cash-Out Refinancing

If you have equity in your home, a cash-out refinance can provide you with the money needed for home repairs, debt consolidation, and other various expenses. Begin your cash-out refinance today!

The Save With Conrad Team at Nations Lending

When is a better time to save money than today?

Most folks want to own their own home, help their kids with college, and retire comfortably.  Are those your goals?  We can help!  First, tell us a little bit about what it is you're looking to do.  From there we will help you create a "M.A.P." of exactly how to achieve those goals "on time."  Whether you're looking to buy your very first house, payoff your credit card debt, lower your monthly payments, or pay your home off faster -- we will create a custom plan for your family for FREE!  Oh and like you, we're wrestling fans.  Seriously, Conrad made us pass a test. If we couldn't name the members of Demolition we weren't allowed to help with this project. (Ax, Smash, and Crush by the way.)

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What our clients are saying about us

Our client's love us and we've got the testimonials to prove it!

Paul M

Transaction completed in October 2020 in Levittown, PA.

After listening to the podcast for years, I figured I would give SaveWithConrad.com a try. From the first phone calls they ran my numbers and mapped out the best plan for me. I was able to cut 5 years off my mortgage (saving $70,000), lower my rate by 1.8%, and keep my monthly payment with no money out of pocket.  

Anthony D

Transaction completed in October 2020 in Queen Creek, AZ

I just closed 7 days early on my new home in AZ. Your team killed it. They were ready to close 2 weeks early! I was worried the bank would be the hold up but your team helped to totally flip the script. Will recommend your company to all my friends and family. Thanks to the team for the help buying our AZ dream home and thanks for the Pod team for all the content. 

Jeremy M

Transaction completed in October 2020 in Owensboro, KY.

Awesome! Saved us a few hundred bucks a month and cut our interest rate in half! The whole process was painless & stress-free. I can't recommend this enough.  

Dustin E.

Transaction completed in October 2020 in Graham, NC

Helped me secure a great rate that will save me approximately $100,000 over the life of my loan and he was a call/text/email away seemingly at all times. A+. Thank you!  

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